Review of Blogs

While exploring for blogs I came across the two best blogs. The first one, involved a unusual parenting style and the other one was about the recent issues which took place in America. Pat Flynn who is a serial entrepreneur but writes blog post about parenting, gaming, etc published one blog on 23rd February, 2020 called ‘The Complaint Jar’ Pat and his wife came up with an innovative way to inculcate the values of Problem solving and how not to complain about every small little milestone in their life. Pat made a jar The Complaint Jar in which a penny was added if a child complained about something and a penny was added from The Complaint Jar into the child’s jar if they solved a problem or handled it well. This kind of system was installed to train their minds and to deal with frustration. Pat and his wife April were preparing their children for life and the problems that will come once they become older. They began this way of teaching from the very early days and now when his children are all grown up they still use the techniques they learnt when complaint jar was there. The only criticism I have is that they should have maintained The Complaint Jar even during their teen life because children are most vulnerable during the teen life. I think that would have been very helpful for them. But otherwise I have never seen this kind of parenting which seeks to inculcate one of the most important life skills in children.

The second blog is written by a photographer named Joe McNally which was published on 2nd July, 2020. The title of the blog says it all ‘Hope in a Picture’. Right now with everything going around us, the pandemic we need some sort of hope and something to believe in. The photo which Joe has added at the beginning of his blog relates to the situation occurring in America. It shows that one man is standing on the stage and his fans are dying to meet him, as we all know that the fans support their loved star no matter what. Joe, in his blog has mentioned about the riots and protests happening in America which took place after a horrific death of George Floyd. He mentions that when he was young he had seen the deaths which occurred due to racism. Racism was there during his time and is still there but he says that people are much stronger and powerful now. McNally has captured over thousands of photos including street photos till now but Joe,52 says that he sees ‘Hope’ on the streets as he has lived in both the time eras and he knows that people will not keep quiet. But the only criticism I have that he did not include the fact that even if the people are stronger and want their rights but the level of racism has not decreased but instead has increased. McNally has mentioned that he has seen the discrimination happen among people and the riots that took place, but after a while everything slowed down and this kind of behaviour has continued so in my opinion even now the same thing will occur again, for some time the rage among people will continue but after a while everything will slow down and this will continue. So I think McNally will see the ‘Hope’ only for some time.

I highly recommend that you should read both of these blogs especially the ‘Complaint Jar’ blog.

Keywords – unusual parenting, gratitude, problem solving, hope, racism

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